Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New Life

Most people who see my blog will have already heard my exciting news, but for those of you who havent, Im PREGNANT!

Its all so so exciting. My husband Jimmy and I are thrilled, we cant wait for our first baby to arrive in September.

It was such a magical moment the other week when we got to see the baby for the first time on the scan. I had started to believe that maybe I just had Glandular fever (Mono) as i didnt get any morning sickness. I was unbelievably shattered for the first 3 months, a crazy kind of tired that i cant even explain, but i was never sick. I guess i was half expecting the midwife to tell me it was all in my head and the pregnancy tests that were positive were just an illusion, but it wasnt! I burst into tears when the midwife ran the scanner thingy over my belly and i saw the baby! Its really in there!

Its been 3 weeks since that scan, and im growing fast! My clothes are all quite tight and if im not careful with what shirts i wear i can sometime end up showing off my new belly! I still cant believe we've made a baby and how amazingly creative God is to have made something so intricate, so fast! Im very grateful to the NHS who send me weekly updates on my baby's growth. Its so fascinating.

I plan to cary on crafting throughout the pregnancy, and after the baby is born, I might just need to adjust my timings slightly.

lots of love

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