Thursday, 11 April 2013

20th May Class

Well in hopes of having a bit of fun and expanding my creativity I have decided that for the 20th May class we will make a chipboard pin board!

The class will take the same amount of time as a normal class (I made 3 samples and it took me about 45-1hr each, meaning it will take 1.5-2 hours of class time) and will be the same prices as stated in my class bookings.

Each pin board is about 12"x12" and can be used to hold photos or other light things. (I will try to fill one and post a photo to give you an idea)

The pin board project will be great as a gift for someone or for your own home decoration!

Here are some photos of the three I made. Don't forget, you will get to choose what paper and ribbon you would like to use to make it personal to you! I can only take seven people so if you would like to come make sure you book sooner rather than later :)

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