Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Temporary Blog Closure

Hi everyone,
Im so sorry ive not posted on here before now.

Im sad to say for the time being i will not be using this blog. I have found it very hard to maintain my business and keep this blog up to date.

Mainly because im not very computer competent and im not a very keen speaker/typer (?). I love sharing what im up to but feel a big pressure on a blog to post all about it which is the bit that stresses me out and takes the most time. Because of that i found i wasn't posting very often.

I have therefore decided that i will make the most of my Stampin' Up website which includes a blog and keeps all my business offers up to date for me. I can also have a live list of my classes available on there and available party dates.

Please pop over and take a look and feel free to send me any comments or tips or requests.

I hope to get back to this blog again, but im not sure when that will be just yet.

Take care, and happy crafting!